Genova Home was established in 2013 in Istanbul. The company is a part of a large group that is among the leaders in Home Textiles and other industries in Turkey.

As a new company Genova Home was established with the aim to serve the home textile companies all around the world with its own collections, on roll and cut length bases.

Genova Home carries its own stocks with the collections that were prepared by it’s own design team. The production is being held domestically and internationally in order to bring out the best quality for the buyers.

The company also works with a very large palette of colors in order to please all types of demands, from different parts of the world.

Genova Home’s office and showroom is located on the European side of Istanbul, near the Atatürk International Airport. The collections are displayed in the showroom throughout the year. But also the company participates in various trade fairs, such as the HeimTextil fair in Frankfurt, and the EvTeks fair in Istanbul.